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Why talk?

What prompts someone to seek therapy at a particular time in life varies from person to person. Sometimes there are life events that need talking through - a bereavement perhaps, or relationship issues. At other times there may be specific symptoms that want exploring - compulsions, particularities around eating, social anxiety. There may also be no specificity, but a general sense of sadness or unease, or of feeling confronted by daunting life questions such as who you are, what you want. 

Psychotherapy will not provide stock answers or dictate solutions to your difficulties. It can't, since it takes individuals on a case-by-case basis, where each person’s predicament is considered to be relevant to their own history in unique and meaningful ways. It will instead provide a space to talk, to relate to another person who will listen, carefully and without judgement. Through this process, it seeks to aid you to listen to yourself from new and productive angles.

Developing a sense of curiosity about the problems that motivate you to seek therapy is therefore an important aspect of the work. What is really happening? Where does it come from? Can things change? Thinking through these questions can be challenging, but can ultimately open the door to long lasting change.

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